Our Process

People remain at the forefront of our architectural design process – specifically the people who will use the buildings we design. We combine the most current tools and technologies with traditional techniques to involve project stakeholders through all project phases. By working closely together, our discovery process uncovers both the stated and unknown project aspects. Discovery to us means that we question clients through every project phase to ensure all project goals drive our decisions.


Clients rely on us to pull all business-critical information from them. Our team works interactively with project stakeholders to document needs and goals before beginning design.


We use freehand sketches at the earliest stages of design to establish an initial direction. We also use computer-generated 3D modeling and renderings to provide clients and the project team a fuller visualization of the design solution(s) and confirm adherence to stated project goals


Contractors cite Browne McGregor Architects for the quality of our plans and specifications. We coordinate our Building Information Model (BIM) with other design team members and the contractor to avoid costly construction issues in the field.


Browne McGregor effectively works under all contractual delivery methods and excel at contractor coordination on cost and schedule.We have a dedicated Construction Administration Team that ensures conformance to project plans during construction


In addition to traditional operations, maintenance and warranty coordination support, we offer business support services such as lease activity assistance. These services are tailored to each client, dependent upon their market sector

Our Success

Our process holds true regardless of facility type; all our clients invariably require our services to support their effort to grow their businesses and stay competitive. Every client and every project has constraints. It is our ability to align client needs within the constraints that results in successful projects