Cory Porter, AIA | Principal

Cory Porter


The unknown intrigues me, and a competitive spirit drives me. During an early visit to the University of Houston, Architecture was the first school listed, and though I knew nothing about the profession, I visited the studios. I enrolled, took the hardest courses offered, and now it is my joy to mentor new architects in this profession. My propensity for continual personal improvement has been an asset in this ever-evolving profession.

During school, I decided to get an internship, opened the Yellow Pages, and started dialing. One of the first firms I called invited me in and hired me on the spot. At that small firm, I worked on almost every project and was always given a voice in the design process. I worked at the detail level through each project phase and thrived on the opportunity to build such a wide base of hands-on expertise.

Those early years allowed me to develop a skill an architecture professor first noticed – my ability to maintain focus on both the main project goals and the details that can easily derail a project. Browne McGregor has been the ideal place to hone this ability, thanks to our size and the diversity of projects we do. Working on so many project types keeps my work interesting and always presents new challenges. My favorite projects are those with the most difficult parameters or problems to solve.

Office responsibilities and project role:

Our organizational structure allows me to fill the roles I enjoy the most – intern development, production standards, quality assurance, code updates, and technology implementation – and still work at both the detail and big-picture levels. I am also the BIM leader; my expertise in this area is fuller integration of the software between the architectural and engineering disciplines, in order to optimize the model throughout project delivery.

Outside the office:

When I met my wife, I fell head first and never looked back. We met at a college party, moved in together six weeks later, and now have two amazing young daughters. I’m very active in their school PTO, serving first as Secretary and then as President. My proudest accomplishments are the increased parental involvement levels, and the number of funds we raised for the teachers. Hiking, fishing, camping, reading, and painting fill the rest of my time.


Bachelor of Architecture – University of Houston, Cullen Leadership Scholarship recipient